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+91-9833874467 Chitrakut, 3rd floor, Siri Road, Malabar Hill, Mumbai 400006

About Shrikant Karani

Founder Sportscraft.

Organized 366 motorsport events such as Great Escape, Vintage Car Rally, Car Rally for The Blind, Women’s Car Rally, Dirt Tract Races and on & on, year after year. He was also a part of Himalayan Rally, organising since inception.

His 250th event, got him an indisputable achievement, in the Limca Book of Records and now he is in the process of achieving another mile stone in the Limca Book of Records.

Awarded the trophy for “The Best Organiser” for 4 continuous years by the Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India

Shrikant was the Vice President & the Chairman for 2-wheeler commission of Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India

He represents India for 2 wheeler motor sports at FIM, the world body for 2 wheeler sports.

He was also the VP of FIM Asia which governs 2 wheeler motorsports in Asia. 

But all these are public facts. Here are a few secrets, less known facts about Shrikant & the lessons therein.

He was once a student, just like you all. Liked some subjects, did not like some, just like you all! His love for sports was evident even then; he was the school’s Games Captain. Lesson number 1, listen, recognize your calling early.

Just like you all will, Shrikant too had to address the question on what he wanted to do in life. Doctor, Engineer, would have been easy, safer choices. But Shrikant followed his heart and chose Sports. Bravely facing headwinds of his parents’ disapproval, no guarantee of money/security (in those days sports marketing was not a developed field). The 2nd lesson is follow your passion, even if it the road less traveled by.

And then give it all you have got! Shrikant was one of the founding pillars of Himalayan Rally. And then founded Sportscraft. It was not all rosy. There were a lots of bumps, ups & downs, but he stayed the course, relentlessly, gave it all he had. The fourth lesson is stay the course, do not give up. Till not just your family, friends, peers but the whole country, the globe recognizes you & your passion.

And the 5th, last lesson, is give back, contribute to the world at large & your industry, each in your own way and capacity. Shrikant not just organizes events like Andelal, Car Rally for the Blind, Foster a Child Navigational Drive regularly but he is an active member in the Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India.

In summation, Shrikant’s is a life well lived & passion well celebrated!

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